Meet the Team!

My name is Holly (they/them or she/her), Fun Fact: I was named Holly after ‘Holly Go-Lightly’ from Breakfast at Tiffany’s which is rad. 

I am Bi, 33 years old in March and music is my life...that and sassy memes. socialist/anarchist, antifascist, feminist. 

I am a hardcore/riot grrrl vocalist and front person – formally of Kiss me, Killer an epic Riot Grrrl band from Bristol (check them out) whom I miss very much but I now reside in Manchester and am embarking on several changes in my life so taking a hiatus until the new year.
I created Hell Hath No Fury Promotions (formally  Kiss me, promotions) last summer after becoming a part of the Bristol Punk Scene again by being in Kiss me, killer and being mentored by the legendary Chris Fishlock (Fishlock Promotions) and Carnival Punks. Being influenced by LADIYFEST, Loud Women, the Menstrual Cramps, the Petrol Girls, Fight Rosa Fight, Bridget Hart and all the other badass punk feminist’s out there balancing the scales within the scene. …

Hell Hath No Fury Fest 2.0 Announcement!

πŸ’œHell Hath No Fury Fest 2.0 Announcement!! πŸ’œ
Hell Hath No Fury Promotions and A.U. Booking can proudly announce the first wave of bands playing Hell Hath No Fury Fest in 2019........
War On Women Hailing from Baltimore, War On Women are a Raw Feminist Hardcore Punk-force to be reckoned with. Their latest release is "Capture the Flag" out now on Bridge Nine Records.
Petrol Girls Petrol Girls are a raging Melodic Post-Hardcore Feminist punk band from Bristol/Austria. Latest release is "The Future is Dark" out now on Hassle Records.
Natterers Natterers are an 80's style hardcore band from Yorkshire. Their latest release is "Head in Threatening Attitude" out now on Boss Tuneage Records.
Swansong Swansong are a 90's inspired pos

HHNF Records Announce First Addition to our Distro!

Hell Hath No Fury Records are pleased to announce that we will be stocking Bratakus - Target Grrrl on Vinyl and CD. 

Our first album on our Distro catalogue! 

Album Review: Free Bleedin' - The Menstrual Cramps

Album Review by Holly-Pops Free Bleedin' - The Menstrual Cramps (Release Date - 16.8.2018)FFO: Le Tigre, Bikini Kill, The Cramps, The Damned, Crass

If you haven’t heard who the Menstrual Cramps are yet, then you have been hiding in a hole my friend!

Not just known for their incredible live performances and witty, angry, no-fucks-given riot-grrrl/garage songs, but for their outspoken abhorrence of the far right and general bigots of the world and the enviable fact that TMC have this incredible skill to simultaneously piss them off and make them look like a bunch of cunts *sass emoji here* and then write a whole 'Oi' song about it (see track 3. Neo-Nazi).

When I first heard this album, I found myself singing along to about 9 of the tracks and couldn't work out why. The songs are THAT fucking hooky, I'd remembered them from the times I have seen them play (ok its been a good few times, but i cant remember my own lyrics sooo...).

I have got to see TMC grow musically a…

SOLD OUT: Hell Hath No Fury Compilation Vol. 1

Hell Hath No Fury Vol. 1 was released on 20th July 2018.

Digital downloads and limited CDs available from:

50% of proceeds are donated to #solidaritynotsilence.

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Hell Hath No Fury Fest 2.0 - Dates and Venue Announced!

Following on from the huge success of the first Hell Hath No Fury Fest in Bristol this year, Hell Hath No Fury Promotions are teaming up with Anarchistic Undertones and are delighted to announce the dates and venue for Hell Hath No Fury Fest 2.0 (MCR Edition).

About Hell Hath No Fury Fest....

Hell Hath No Fury is a DIY Punk Fest that focuses on tipping the scales within the punk scene by putting on some of the finest punk bands around that are inclusive of womxn, non-binary and queer musicians. 

Venue: The Bread Shed, Manchester 
Date: Friday 31st May – Saturday 1st June 2019 
Times: TBC 
Line Up: TBC 
Tickets: TBC 

Band applications: 

Please send us a small bio, links to music/videos and Social Media (we just want to learn about you and your band ☺, the amount of ‘likes’ is neither here nor there). Phone recordings or rough demos are fine! We all start somewhere x 

Hell Hath No Fury are vehemently Anti-Fascist, Queer and Intersectional feminists. Anyone with h…

HHNF: 10 Songs on Repeat this Week